Loyalty Platform

Loyalty Platform

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Connect with any segment in a way that’s relevant through our loyalty platform

Relevance is key to driving engagement. Whether it’s offers, promotions or content, the more relevant the interaction, the higher the engagement. Podium Loyalty, our SaaS-based loyalty program platform, enables clients to segment and engage members in ways that are meaningful to those individuals, in real-time and without requiring any IT resources.

Match your objectives with targeted segments

At the core of Podium Loyalty program technology solution is our data analytics and reporting engine. It matches your objectives with a target segment and identifies desired behaviours for each one.

The engine’s ability to combine data analytics, dynamic content and real-time reporting gives you the ability to test assumptions and offers with small segments of the database and monitor them in real-time before deploying to the full database.

Unparalleled segmentation flexibility

Podium Loyalty’s real-time segmentation tool allows you to connect with each segment using their channel of choice: email, text message or app. No matter what each segment’s messaging preference is, Podium Loyalty can accommodate them.

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