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Offer the Highest Demand Category in Loyalty

Travel is one of life’s great joys. People always want to take vacations, to visit friends, to see family, to experience new places and revisit past favorites. When budgets tighten, making travel more difficult, that’s when Engage Travel shines. Partnered with Priceline, Engage Travel offers savings with millions of hotel, flight and rental car deals and the option to pay with Loyalty Points.

Easy to Integrate and Use

The Engage Travel platform can easily be added to an existing loyalty program or can utilize Engage’s other suite of products to function as a points bank allowing customers the freedom to convert loyalty points to currency to spend on hotels, flights, and rental car deals. It also offers the option to ‘top up’ using points to cover a portion of the cost and then pay for the remainder which can earn even more points for the customer.

It’s simple to use and easy to integrate into existing systems with limited IT resources required to get up and running and offers a frictionless booking process.

Proven Success

Successfully being operated by top banks and credit unions, Engage Travel is an innovative solution to provide customers the option of paying with points for hotels, cars and flights as well as pre-packaged vacations.

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of customers redeem 2 to 6 trips per year
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