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Engage People's one of a kind loyalty solutions deliver personalized and targeted campaigns with limitless redemption options faster and at a lower cost to clients.

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The Loyalty and Rewards Business has Changed

Loyalty and rewards programs have become commonplace in today’s world but the member experience is evolving.

Loyalty rewards programs have always been about moving members along the buyer journey. Over the years, however, the user experience has evolved. Even as the buyer journey remains, your loyalty rewards program should be designed to deliver not just rewards and incentives, but ways for members to engage with your brand in more meaningful ways through each stage of the journey. Your most loyal and valued members continue to look for more personalized interactions, an improved experience, ease of redemption and more transparent costing.

Engage People sits at the convergence of loyalty and experience, delivering against demanding member expectations and corporate objectives through innovative technology solutions.

We Engage

Our loyalty rewards platforms enable you to target offers, content, campaigns and communications to individual segments of your base in real-time and without requiring heavy lifting from your IT resources. Our patented suite of loyalty rewards redemption solutions enable members to redeem and earn bonus rewards as part of their everyday lifestyle, whether online, in-store, on the go or in any way that is meaningful and will drive further engagement with your loyalty rewards program.

Through Innovation

Engage People has reshaped our clients’ loyalty rewards programs with innovative technology solutions that are at the forefront of the loyalty industry. Utilizing our loyalty solutions allows clients to drive greater engagement, deliver a better experience and achieve improved performance, while lowering their overall program costs. We are always innovating and developing loyalty solutions that will keep you ahead of the game.

Our Strengths and Skills

We understand your challenges and goals, which is why our loyalty rewards program solutions have been specifically designed to address them.


Increasing the interaction between your program and your members


Providing a world of redemption options that goes beyond the traditional catalogue

Personalized Content

Ability to define key segments and deliver targeted campaigns without IT resources


Lowering the cost of redemption

Data Management

Data collection and management

IT Strain

Reducing redemption liability

Engage People’s Core Fundamentals

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We enable our clients to gain a deeper understanding of their members and identify core segments, objectives and success metrics.

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We deliver your unique offers directly to targeted segments, connecting your brand and members to an offer in real-time and without additional costs in resources and time.

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Wherever your members reside and however they want to redeem their rewards, we can offer you nearly endless redemption options, helping to seamlessly integrate brand and member lifestyle.

Industry Approach

Engage People can assist your organization with rewards programs across Finance, Travel and Hospitality, Entertainment and Loyalty. Engage People platforms can support any industry to increase engagement, improve retention and enhance the relationship with its most loyal members. Leverage our proprietary technologies and put into place a program that will connect with and captivate your audience.

Company We Keep

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Four of the top six banks in Canada and leading financial institutions in the U.S.

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World’s largest travel company
Large Asian insurance provider
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Leading credit card companies and networks
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Global leader in telecommunications

Engage People Solutions

Whatever your needs, Engage People has a solution to meet them.