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Overlooked Benefits of Credit Cards

In the realm of credit cards, it’s evident that no single card can cater to the diverse needs and preferences of every individual credit card holder. However, amidst the wide array of benefits and rewards available, there are often hidden … Read More

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Embracing the Theme of Innovation in Loyalty Programs

One cannot deny that inflation, although cooling, will continue to be a significant concern for consumers in the foreseeable future. However, brands that leverage technological advancements and adopt an omnichannel approach have an opportunity to stand out. By proactively assisting … Read More

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How Paying with Points Can Elevate Credit Card Loyalty Programs

Credit card loyalty programs are an essential marketing tool for credit card companies. These programs allow customers to earn points for each dollar spent, which can then be redeemed for various rewards such as travel, merchandise, or cash back. However, … Read More

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Trends in Loyalty Through 2023

In all of my years in the loyalty industry, the last few years have been the most tumultuous. The old adage, ‘the only constant is change’ looks to be the norm for the next few years as well. With many … Read More

Artificial Intelligence

AI and the Impact on the Loyalty Industry

It is the start of 2023 and if there is one topic I get involved with the most in conversations it is around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its latest iteration, the AI chat-bot ChatGPT.  Once you use ChatGPT, it does … Read More

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Does utilizing a third party maximize ROI for your Loyalty Program?

I will be transparent, I am biased on this question. Finding new ways to engage your loyalty program members and increase affinity can be a challenge. Customer expectations have changed dramatically and adoption of new technologies have expanded over the … Read More

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The Payment Process as an Opportunity to Grow Loyalty

There was a time when loyalty was simply about offering more miles or discounts to program members and this was sufficient to increase acquisition and improve retention. Although these tactics remain an important element of the marketing mix for loyalty … Read More

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Can Cryptocurrencies Gain Mainstream Acceptance?

There has been a significant amount of attention paid to cryptocurrencies by the media, but do these currencies truly represent the alternative payment option of the future? Despite the hype, most people who own cryptocurrencies are not using them to … Read More

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Travel Redemption

And the race is on…with so much pent-up demand for travel built up over the last 18 months, expectations are high for a significant upswing in demand for travel redemption within loyalty programs. Travel has gone through a year of … Read More

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What Does The Future Hold For Loyalty Points

As the world opens up after a year of work-from-home orders and assorted shutdowns, loyalty programs are taking center stage as brands seek ways to navigate the new normal. With the accelerated adoption (or at least discussion) of digital and … Read More

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The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same: Revitalizing the Reward Experience

The last 18 months have seen a sea change in business as owners adapt to new circumstances, and no area of business is immune to these influences – including loyalty programs. As loyalty programs adapt, they look for new opportunities … Read More

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Points as Payment for Online Retailers – Accessing Millions of $$ in Potential Revenue and New Customers

Financial headwinds resulting from the economic fallout of the pandemic-driven lockdowns have coalesced to effect a chilling impact on brick-and-mortar retail, tourism, lodging, and the sporting and gaming industries – to name a few sectors over the last year. Many … Read More

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Lower Value Redemption

There have been a number of loyalty studies that show not all consumers are hoarding points in an effort to purchase something aspirational like a trip. A study by Blackhawk Network in 2018 showed: 80% of members are looking for … Read More